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_blind vision

Annalaura di Luggo

with Mario Mirabile, Matilde Lauria, Annaclara Farace, Michela Annunziata, Giuseppe Carozza, Fabiana Cocca, Antonella Improta, Alessandro De Gennaro, Gianluca Fava, Roberta  D’Aleo, Sara Simeoni, Sergio Sinigaglia, Matteo Cafarchio, Roberta Cotronei, Ivan Dalia, Giovanni Tartaglione, Simone Fisciano, Stella Fundulet, Emanuela Maffei, Giovanni Progressivo
_directed by

Nanni Zedda

assistant director
Eneida Muzhari
Marco Giannella
Alessio Fiorillo, Daniele Carola, Gabriel Laderas, Nanni Zedda
sound engineer
Nicola Velardita

The international well known artist Annalaura di Luggo worked with 20 people from the Associazione Teatro Colosimo for Bind students and the Italian Union of Blind and Partially Sighted People (UICI) in Naples to explore, through physical and tactile approaches, the inner universe of individuals who use an alternative way to perceive the world. These interactions inspired the documentary Blind Vision, written by Annalaura di Luggo and Nanni Zedda and directed by Nanni Zedda.

The work of Annalaura di Luggo is based on recognizing the value of the human being as “unique and unrepeatable,” just as each of us perceives the world in our own unique way. Accordingly, she chooses the eye’s iris as the protagonist of her photographs, as the iris is different in each individual. But Annalaura’s work does not stop with the macrophotography of the iris, as the main theme of the project Occh-IO/Eye-I, which she developed in different countries and venues around the world, is the human perception that is as unique to each individual as is the iris that the artist captures with a camera she patented, which was manufactured utilizing the technical resources of ophthalmologic science. The artist initiates an intimate and empathetic conversation with each of the “sitters” portrayed, in a joint exploration of their inner worlds, so that the individual images eventually incorporate and conserve traces of their protagonists’ personalities, thoughts and emotions.  

_complete documentary

Watch complete Blind Vision documentary https://vimeo.com/315212264 fill out the form below to get the password.


Regione Campania
Comune di Napoli
Museo Madre, Napoli
UICI Unione Italiana Ciechi
Istituto Colosimo, Napoli

_festivals and awards

_Award for best documentary at Niagara Falls International Film Festival (New York)
_Mart Festival Naples 2018
_Special screening at the United Nations (New York) during the CRPD 2018
_(Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities)

_Award for best documentary at Fort Myers International Film festival (Miami)
_Special screening at General Italian Consulate of New York

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